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Welcome to SMG UK

In a crowded, competitive marketplace that is predicted to grow more than 15 percent in the next five years, what will you do to keep customers coming back?

What makes customers choose one retailer over another?

It all boils down to the experience. Only by constantly measuring, analysing and improving customer satisfaction can you increase customer loyalty.

Service Management Group (SMG) doesn't simply collect and report data. We provide actionable information that links to financial results. Our ability to provide these correlations between customer satisfaction and financial performance is the hallmark of our business. Our goal is to use research to allow our clients to make effective decisions that enhance the customer experience and — ultimately — their business.

SMG has grown to be the largest firm in the world measuring the customer experience for retailers, collecting feedback from 70 million consumers annually in 67 countries and 29 languages.


Acquire Data

A varied and substantiated data set is essential to be useful to your business. Read how we capture and authenticate data from various sources.

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Reveal Insight

Having 20 years' experience and the largest benchmarking database in the world focused on unit-level customer experience helps us find that needle in the haystack, so to speak.

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Drive Change

Research shouldn’t sit on shelves. It should be put to use in the field to help impact initiatives for everyone – from unit operators to regional VPs.

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The Next Generation of Customer Feedback

Read more about the next generation in
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UK Customer Satisfaction Index


SMG’s latest Customer Satisfaction Index reveals that staff assistance has the biggest impact on the customer experience, highlighting the possibilities and challenges facing the retail sector to improve customer service and staff motivation.

In-store staff behavior is directly related to customer satisfaction. Explore this and other key findings and recommendations in SMG’s analysis of feedback from 359,000 consumers in 2012. The resulting data has been used to gauge the customer journey across the UK.

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Jeremy’s Journal

Check out SMG’s Managing Director Jeremy Michael’s thoughts on the retailing industry in the UK and the most recent happenings at the SMG UK office.



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